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Bitcoin Mining Cost Falls to $45,000 After Inefficient Miners Exit (JPMorgan).

JPMorgan (JPM) stated in a research paper on Thursday that the current hashrate and power usage on the Bitcoin (BTC) network suggest an estimated...

Farside Investors Witness $39M Outflows from Hong Kong Bitcoin and Ether ETFs on Monday.

Following bitcoin's decline below $61,000 on Friday, there were significant withdrawals from both the Hong Kong-listed spot bitcoin and the ether exchange-traded funds (ETFs)...


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Worldcoin Suffers 18% Drop After DeFi Analyst’s Disclosure.

Following a recent claim made against the Worldcoin team and insiders in an X post by DeFi analyst DefiSquared, Worldcoin (WLD) saw significant dumps...


Dubai Aims for Top 10: Unveils Metaverse Strategy to Become Global Hub.

The United Arab Emirates, which aims to become a hub for Web3 activity, has declared Dubai to be among the top 10 metaverse economies...

German Bank Issues First ‘Crypto Security,’ Pushing Blockchain Bonds: Details.

Currently, the global finance industry is investigating blockchain technology, which records transactions permanently and lessens reliance on centralised Web2 servers that are vulnerable to...

Hong Kong Tests Crypto Hub Ambitions with ETF Launch.

In an attempt to gauge its progress toward becoming a center for digital assets, Hong Kong is about to launch a number of bitcoin...

Crypto Report: Binance Eyes Return to India After $2 Million Fine

According to a story published in the Economic Times on Thursday, Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange that was banned from India a few months ago,...

Binance Forms First Board of Directors After Facing Legal Scrutiny: Details.

For Binance, the past few years have not been easy; the company has repeatedly found itself encircled by legal problems. As an aid to...

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