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$10 Million raised by Deximum Protocol for brand new DeFi products


Maximum, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol, has managed to raise $10 million from its investors through a Roadshow program carried out over several months. There were 53 investors who participated during the funding round after recognition of the project as a changemaker and innovative in the power balance in the Defi space.

Maximum has been built for creating innovative blockchain solutions in the DeFi space for corporate clients. It provides crowd-staking services and staking infrastructure for individuals from all across the globe.

The startup unveiled that it will be using the injected capital to power the protocol’s growth. It prioritized their main task, which is the development of a project concept for the investors while growing the site to become the top 5 DEX platforms in the world in a couple of years. This is a highly ambitious pursuit considering the fact that Defi is introducing new innovations and upgrading protocols of their supposed product offerings at a fast rate.

When it comes to blockchain technology applications, Decentralized Finance is among the game-changers. This is evident with the inflow of funds it has had. As per the information provided by DeFiPulse, a total of $82.07 billion has been invested in different projects of the DeFi ecosystem. This figure was just $7.075 billion on 26th August 2020. This is proof that the market has grown a lot. However, even with this growth, there are some industry leaders who see offshoots as among those with the potential of incremental growth in the next few years.

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