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100 Thieves Gives Away 300,000 Free Polygon NFTs In 24-Hours

100 Thieves, an esports organization and lifestyle brand, gave away more than 300,000 free Polygon NFTs within a span of 24-hours after stepping into the NFT space. It announced its LCS Championship Chain but did not mention the words NFT, Polygon or blockchain.

The Chain is 100% free to claim, with 100 Thieves covering all transaction fees. Users should keep in mind that the company does not make any money from this. 100 Thieves stated that acquiring a virtual chain has the same carbon impact as sending two emails.

The latest round of NFTs was part of 100 Thieves celebration of the organization’s win in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). This is one of the biggest championship series events in competitive gaming. 100 Thieves awarded its players with a diamond 100 Thieves necklace.

John Robinson, the President, and COO of 100 Thieves, in a LinkedIn post said the organization wants to avoid speculative assets. He pointed out that Web3 will be a long-term project for the company. Robinson believes convincing gamers won’t be an easy task thus they are starting with a simple thank you gift for the fans.

100 Thieves released its first lot of NFTs in April 2021 with the Enter Infinity collection. It debuted in tandem with a merchandise release. It saw gaming establish itself as a rigid industry for NFTs. However, the traditional gaming audience hasn’t come to terms with the idea that NFTs can positively change the gaming experience. And 100 Thieves is working towards changing that perception.

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