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12-year-old brings in over $400K from “Weird Whales” NFT


Benyamin Ahmed, a teenager from London, sold his collection of pixilated whale emojis for a whopping £290,000. The collection, called Weird Whales, consists of 3,350 pixilated images of whales. These whales will now become Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The whales were designed on the online drawing tool Pixelart. Ahmed expressed his creativity by giving details to each whale image like head gears, mouth accessories, eye accessories, different background and bases. He continued to generate 3,350 authentic digital collectibles. Ahmed has been coding since he was 5-years old. So he operated on an open-source Python script, customized especially for his collection.

According to the NFT website, Weird Whales is the first Kawaii pixel whales used in a generative art project. The creation occurred with custom on-chain secure and cryptographically secure provenance. It took Ahmed $300 to make this project. Before the Weird Whales, an investor would have to spend $300 as gas money only to verify every NFT.

About Benyamin Ahmed

Ahmed and his brother Yousef were inspired by their father, Imran, to pick up coding at a young age. According to their father, the boys started learning to code for fun. Things got serious soon as coding is not easy to master. The boys would spend 20 to 30 minutes every day on coding, without taking any breaks.

The creator of Weird Whales only recently learned about NFTs. He was fascinated by how easily one can transfer the ownership of a non-fungible token by the blockchain. Interestingly, Ahmed has saved his earnings in the form of Ethereum, a cryptocurrency blockchain platform.

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