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With 1,893 Generative NFTs, Pepsi-Cola commemorates the soft drink’s birth year

NFTs have taken the world by storm, and it is only becoming clearer with every passing day. After celebs, sporting clubs, merchandise manufactures, and athletes, NFTs are now the preferred mode of promotion for soft-drink manufacturer Pepsi. Pepsico and Coca-Cola are the two leading carbonated drink manufacturers in the world. To commemorate the birth year of Pepsico, the company has decided to launch 1893 generative NFTs. The “Pepsi Mic Drop” genesis NFT was launched on Thursday and has caught the attention of fans since then.

Pepsi has also created its own web portal to host these NFTs. Fans can visit to see and collect NFTs from the series. On top of that, Pepsi intends to create a community of these NFT holders.

Officials from Pepsi’s marketing team said that the company has always been at the forefront of innovation, youthful culture, and cutting-edge innovations. It is a natural adoption for the company since the world is now moving towards NFTs from traditional mediums of art, culture, and advertisement. Each NFT in the series commemorates some achievement of the company, and fans of the soft drink will surely enjoy owning and watching such a collection.

NFTs are now at the forefront of global popular media. Every big brand wants to launch its own NFT liens, particularly because of this appeal among the youth. From artists to manufacturers, everyone seems to be wooed by the charm of NFTs. The future of non-fungible tokens looks very bright if these trends continue

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