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1xBit invites players to participate in Endorphina’s Splash – winners to be awarded in BTC


Endorphina is an online Casino where players can only win using their luck and wit. It offers some of the best enjoyable casino platforms on the internet. It is one of the most reputable slot providers in the industry. Here, players can experience slot games that are innovative, relaxing, and are fun to play. These slot games are devised by experts who specialize in game creation. The quality of the graphics that you would note is rich and high. The system is optimized so that you can play on any device around the world. Moreover, developers of these games also take time to research and understand the different cultural values of the users to make the best games possible to suit their demands.

1xbit Endorphina Splash Tournament

Endorphina and 1xbit came together (partnership) to present an ultimate slot game tournament- Endorphina Splash Tournament. At this tournament, you can have a new and fresh experience of slot games of Endorphina. Check out the below-mentioned details to further learn about the splash tournament.

To participate, you would have to play any slot game on Endorphina. You can browse through the massive collection of games available on the site. Strategically, you can either choose a well-rehearsed game. You may also pick any game that intrigues you or is exciting enough to catch your eye. Now, play them to earn points. The scoring system is simple- whoever scores the most points would stand out to be the first in the league. Easy right? However, to increase the competition difficulty, 1xbit and Endorphina decided to award the players in MBTC.

Awards in BTC

Check out the below-mentioned shortlist to see for yourself the prizes available for the top 5 of the tournament.

1st place – 50 MBTC

2nd place – 20 MBTC

3rd place – 15 MBTC

4th place – 10 MBTC

5th place – 5 MBTC

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