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2021 Is the Most Funded Year for the Crypto Industry

Digital assets became mainstream in the year 2021. There are several indicators that prove it. Venture capital companies have invested more than $30 billion in crypto assets, projects, and solutions. This amount is more than what the crypto world had received in all the years of the last decade when it started expanding.

Not Limited to Cryptocurrencies

The crypto industry is no longer limited to cryptocurrencies. The crypto and blockchain technologies are being used to develop a wide variety of solutions for different industries. Technologies like NFTs, decentralized social media, Web 3.0, DeFi, metaverse and others are getting the attention of venture funds, innovators, and users. Established players like Digital Currency Group, Polychain Capital, and Coinbase Ventures are betting big on new crypto projects. There are several experimental projects currently under development. Investors are pouring money into this industry and funding a wide range of projects.

The Emergence of Niche Sectors

Within the crypto world, many new niche sectors are emerging. For example, NFTs have shown the investors new investment opportunities. The NFT marketplace is being compared with e-commerce platforms. This $30 billion total includes several fundraising rounds by different funds and technology companies. They are operating or planning to launch different types of projects. These solutions are being developed for financial, consumer, trade, and other sectors.

These projects will use technologies like DAO, decentralized social media, cryptocurrency, blockchain, crypto, gamification, DeFi, and others. Venture funds are eager to be a part of these new investment opportunities.

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