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2022 Zynga plans – NFT game launches and Web3 acquisitions

Zynga is in the news again, this time with news of partnerships and possible acquisition of technology and crypto deals. Late in 2021 Zynga announced plans to get into the blockchain gaming arena by teaming up with Forte – an infrastructure company in the blockchain space. It is almost ready to launch the first lot of NFT games.

Zynga’s growth plans include plenty of new partnerships and possible acquisitions, said Matt Wolf, the company’s VP in charge of blockchain gaming. Updates will be issued by mid-2022. He also said that the company is completely tuned and ready to acquire game publishers and Web3 required for their work. He didn’t specify much else and said that the company has an established track record of growing by acquiring new businesses.

Zynga’s initial claim to fame was its Facebook offerings of games like Farmville. The lateral move into gaming on blockchain platforms is a way to future-proof the company and grow at the same time. These moves are done in a way to ensures the company is ready to make the change. To work quickly, the company is filled with and surrounded by teams of capable people. Establishing partnerships is much easier then.

Zynga plans to develop original games from scratch for the blockchain. Some games in the NFT sphere will be inspired by intellectual property owned by the company. Wolf is also quoted as saying that the company is serious about community building and active engagement is a given. Blockchain is not the only area in which Zynga hopes to make a big transition. Reports indicate that Take-Two Interactive, a giant in the video games arena plans to buy Zynga at a price of $12.7 billion. The deal is not yet done.

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