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According to a survey, 25% of US adults intend to begin investing in cryptocurrency.

Recently, a survey was undertaken among 3144 US adults. They were all aged over 18 and also, 47% of the survey participants were male.

The survey was undertaken by crypto exchange Huobi. After the survey, Huobi released a report that examined the average American’s perception of cryptocurrencies. The survey also quizzed the participants on whether they intended to invest in crypto in the near future.

The report found that crypto witnessed robust growth in 2021. However, crypto still remains niche – restricted to a small section of the population.

Survey Findings

The report revealed that 47% of the survey participants did not own crypto and did not plan to own any in the future. Only about 28%of the survey participants owned crypto. In this group of those who owned crypto, over 50% of them started investing in crypto in 2021. 25% of the participants said that although they did not own crypto, they were curious about it and planned to start investing in the future.

However, when quizzed about their feelings about crypto, 42% of them expressed ignorance of crypto and had ambivalent feelings. Also, 23% of the participants felt that crypto was a scam and that the bubble would soon burst. 19% felt that crypto would have a transformational effect on money. At the same time, some 16% said that crypto would grow but not substantially.

When quizzed on the reasons that they would invest in crypto, 40% and 18% of the respondents saw a longer/shorter investment potential, respectively. Another 27% said that they would invest only out of general interest.

NFTs are viewed as the most promising sector in crypto, followed by DeFi. They were both chosen by 37% of the survey participants. Metaverse occupied third place-being the choice of 36% of the participants.

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