Wednesday, June 19, 2024

30% Of $URGO Seed Sale Tokens Sold Within 6 Days

The $URGO token, GOmetalaunch Utility token, has recorded 30% of the 200,000 tokens for seed sale sold within six days. Gometalaunch offers its token holders the opportunity to be the first and earliest pioneers of the future through access to the earliest metaverse projects.

The $URGO token comes with a whole range of features for its users. It includes:

i. Store of value – token holders can swap $URGO tokens for ADA or USDT

ii. Staking – holders can pledge or delegate their $URGO tokens to a staking pool to earn rewards

iii. Access to the metaverse – users will get exclusive access to the best metaverse and top-notch metaverse projects and features

iv. Governance – the tokens will be a type of ticket into the Governance and decision-making process of the GOmetalaunch ecosystem. Users will get to be a part of the platform, depending on the number of tokens they hold

v. Trading – holders will be able to swap their $URGO against USDT and ADA

vi. Access to NFT – users holding the $URGO token will be eligible to access special NFT skins and collectibles in the metaverse

To get your hands on the $URGO token, users will have to purchase ADA from a crypto exchange and send the crypto to their Cardano wallet. They then have to visit the $URGO token sale page and send the ADA to the designated wallet address. The $URGO tokens will be airdropped.

The GOmetalaunch is the first Cross Chain Metaverse IDO Launchpad to be built on the Cardano blockchain. The Metalaunch will be a gateway to the metaverse. It will offer users the chance to become the earliest and pioneer adopters of the metaverse.

Cryptured Team
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