Friday, December 8, 2023

3D NFTs – What is it all about?

Paige Vanzant, a woman known both for modeling as well as wrestling for the AEW, has a lot of credentials to her name. She also participated in Dancing With the Stars, and was a member of the Top Team from America. Now, she has entered the world of technology innovation as well. This is as she has released a NFT that has the potential to really revolutionize the NFT industry, should it manage to catch on.

The 3D NFT she released is meant to be used together with a VR headset from Quest 2. These NFTs are 3D videos that are fully interactive. This means that viewers are allowed to zoom in and spin around to see the NFT. They can also look at the location for the shoot. This will be done in a way which is typically not seen in usual NFTs.

VanZant and 3D NFTs

The NFT also comes with a subscription to exclusive content on the fan page of VanZant. This subscription can be purchased using ETH coins. In a tweet, VanZant added that Ethereun was the second most popular, when it came to cryptocurrency.

It isn’t enough to just be good at wrestling, in order to be a world star anymore. Performers across the world have found that creatively using social media can help them grow their brand. Paige VanZant has a large social media following. However, this may not be enough for her to experience success when it comes to her 3D NFTs.

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