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3rd Wave, A Chinese-Iranian Crypto Mining Company was at CED2021


Though Decentralisation is the base principle of the future of Finance. Development in the future of Cryptocurrency involves international Cooperation. To bring this forward and to portray an amazing idea and project with a Chinese-Iranian Origin, the Crypto-mining solutions company 3rd wave was there at the Crypto expo Dubai 2021.

3rd wave is a crypto mining solution that offers amazing scalability. It enables clients to invest in the crypto mining industry on any scale with smart asset exchange and crypto mining blockchain switching through Artificial intelligence. This project not only lets you mine crypto but also manages Crypto assets to get you to profit in both bear and bull markets.

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All the smart contracts and algorithm is managed and executed by the 3rd Wave Blockchain oracle. 

3rd Wave group is already operational in the Middle East, with a data centre that achieves 2,000,000 Th of mining power and is aimed at expanding capabilities and regions as needed. 

What is unique about the 3rd wave is not only their exceptional mining capabilities and advanced asset management features but also the ‘3rd wave token’. The token already is next generation as it focuses more on using green energy rather than the conventional ways and thus reducing the carbon footprint. The token also enables you to receive dividends. 3rd wave enabled a common man to be able to participate in the crypto world with reduced risk and higher chances of profit. 

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