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5 blockchain games built on NFTs that could take off in 2022.

In this era, NFT based Blockchain games are becoming popular and it is observed that they will rule out in 2022. There are top 5 games that seem to be the best Blockchain-based games in 2022 are listed below.

Defi Kingdom:

The DeFi Kingdom is a famous game in the field of the GameFi sector. This game works with the objective of a play-to-earn game, in which characters go on a quest to earn tokens. The DeFi Kingdom has become popular because it is designed with useable NFTs.

Guild of Guardians:

The design of the famous mobile RPG Guild of Guardians helps to turn the gaming passion of the users into a profitable asset in terms of NFT. This multiplayer game is a fantastical action game to earn tradable rewards and coins.


CryptoBeasts is an innovative game that combines the floating trend of NFT and role-playing games. The users can play games to earn NFTs, and it helps users to increase their financial assets.

Galaxy Fight Club:

The NFT based game Galaxy Fight Club is a PvP fighting in which fighters in the game hold different NFT battles to earn rewards. This is a cross IP platform, and the play-to-earn gaming helps users to earn more rewards in terms of NFT.

Axie Infinity:

It is inspired by the Pokemon game series and is an NFT Investment game. This game was popular in 2021 and is predicted to rule in 2022 as well. Axie Infinity is a blockchain game to monetize their passion for playing games.

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