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50 cryptocurrency spot pairs announced by BitYard – investors to take note


BitYard, one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange companies, has recently offered more than 50 new spot pairs for cryptocurrency users. This is great news for crypto investors as it will enable them to choose and trade with their preferred coins.

By listing more cryptocurrency pairs, BitYard aims to make fiat money deposits more convenient, especially for beginners. The market has become more attractive to crypto investors in recent times. Currently, the value of bitcoin (BTC) is $40,000 which is much higher compared to its value in July. Apart from bitcoin (BTC) newer crypto assets are finding their way into the market. BitYard’s move to introduce more cryptocurrency spot trading pairs will include other forms of altcoins, like dogecoins (DOGE) and Cardano (ADA). This is sure to meet the rising demand in the market.

BitYard is only a year old. Within that period, the exchange platform has increased its listing of crypto pairs to more than 150. BitYard is dedicated to its efforts to add more pairs in the future.

Other Offerings

The crypto exchange company offers convenient deposit methods to its investors. BitYard has partnered with a peer-centric global crypto marketplace, Paxful, to allow worldwide investors to easily enter the crypto industry. The company is also improving its deposit system to allow users to finance with their local fiat currency.

BitYard also provides services in Contract for Differences (CFD) trading. This service covers different types of assets, ranging from cryptocurrency to forex and commodities.

Also, users will soon be able to trade and invest in newer ways through perpetual contract trading. BitYard will launch this service shortly.

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