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A 6-week program on blockchain technologies and digital currency will begin at the South African university

As interest in cryptocurrencies grows across the world, there is also a rising demand for cryptocurrency education. Many online educators and institutes are offering courses on cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and allied technologies. In a recent development, The University of Cape Town has announced a 6-week course on blockchain technology and virtual currencies.

The course from the University of Cape Town is set to be held online. That has come as a huge benefit to millions of eager students around the world. The entire course can be done online and a certificate will be issued after successful completion of the course. The course will teach students how blockchain technology works and how to learn to use it.

Students will be taught how blockchain is accessible under the ecosystem of existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital coins. The course will be particularly emphasizing how the crypto ecosystem is changing the economic landscape of South Africa and other African countries. One section of the course will focus solely on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), and how people can stay updated about what is going on in the cryptocurrency space. Another section will focus on the ethical, moral, and social implications of cryptocurrency.

Experts around the world see this new course as a landmark in cryptocurrency education. Until now, most of the knowledge about crypto has been disseminated through the informal sector. Now the education system is getting an institutional infrastructure. Africa is one of the most promising continents for the future of crypto, and courses like these will certainly help strengthen the crypto movement in Africa and elsewhere.

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