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A Berliner startup Enefty sells a video NFT from a sailing YouTube channel for $4700

The NFT industry is quite dynamic. On the one hand, people try to replicate the success of Cryptopunks with magical 10,000 collectible sets, and on the other hand, people already try to find new areas where they could applyNFT features. Two Berliner Founders Giorgi Jashiashvili and Mohamed Jamal Eddine think the NFT market hasn’t reached its full potential and will grow further due to new emerging video NFTs.

“Humans always loved collecting things and the art NFT market has shown that digital collectibles are also very popular. The next logical step is video NFTs and we believe there is a huge market behind them.” the founders say.

Enefty is building a marketplace dedicated for video creators, like YouTubers and their fans to buy, sell and trade video content as NFTs. Selling video content as NFTs will be beneficial both for the creators and the fans as well. Creators can create NFTs from their popular content and make a living by doing what they love, while fans can support their favorite creator and also get something in return – a unique digital collectible, which can be resold later. Enefty plans to execute on this vision by creating single auctions for selected creators first and later launching the marketplace allowing creators to do multiple auctions simultaneously and fans to trade the NFTs with each other.

The company has recently successfully launched its second video NFT auction featuring the popular sailing YouTube channel SV Delos. SV Delos crew has been sailing around the globe for over 10 years and bringing exciting travel stories to millions of viewers on regular basis. The very first NFT from SV Delos features their most-watched video about the equator crossing ceremony on the boat. The auction was sold last week for 1.08ETH or $4700 at the time of the sale. The winner got an NFT of the video and an AMA session with Delos captain BrianTrautman.

“It’s great to see that people are interested to own video NFTs in categories other than art as well. Our very first auction was a video NFT about art but now it’s clear that the market is ready for other NFTs as well – says the co-founder Giorgi who leads the business development and marketing of the company. The company plans to further expand the NFT categories in areas such as entertainment, craft, gaming and others.

According to Enefty, the company puts a high focus on the quality of NFTs. The co-founders say each creator is validated before launching an auction so the buyers can be sure that the NFTs are authentic. Besides, all the NFTs are built in a way that the data is not dependent on Enefty servers but rather is stored in decentralized storage.

“NFTs should not only live as long as the server is switched on. Therefore, it was important to us that the data of our NFTs can be stored decentrally with the help of IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) + Filecoin,” says Mohamed who is in charge of the product and technology at NFT.

Since the blockchain topic recently gets lots of criticism regarding energy usage and the CO2 footprint, Enefty has decided to react on this matter.

“The topic of sustainability has not gone unnoticed here at Enefty. That is why we have already made sure in the design of the platform that we generate as few gas fees as possible and we will also compensate for any resulting carbon footprint” adds Mohamed.

Enefty was founded in the summer of 2021 in Berlin, Germany. The founders are building Enefty in the Reaktor Berlin accelerator in the frame of Berlin Startup Stipendium supported by the state of Berlin and European SocialFonds.

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