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A “Blockchain Agnostic” Gaming Company Called Metao is Launched by a Former Tiktoker.

Blockchain gaming is soon becoming the unprecedented champion of crypto solutions with crypto gaming recently blowing up around the world and also garnering millions of dollars of investment. Clearly, it seems to be where the fast-approaching future of the dynamic gaming world is headed. This is largely due to its multifaceted nature of combining traditional gaming elements with that of the new profitable opportunities that cryptocurrency has to offer. Likewise, a major ex-employee of TikTok, the popular video-heavy platform is penning yet another blockchain-related gaming success story.

Jason Fung was the founder and head employee who oversaw the gaming department at TikTok before he chose to follow his heart to the land of blockchain gaming. He is an industry veteran with years of experience in global gaming operations credited with building the gaming ecosystem within the social media platform. It was his passion for the limitlessness of gaming that led him to create his blockchain-centric startup gaming project. Known by the name Meta0, it is Fung’s brainchild that will focus on providing a unique solution to game developers that specialize in Web3 technologies.

Blockchain Tech That Shatters Boundaries

Declaring itself to be “agnostic” from blockchain, the gaming company finds its spirit in its all-inclusive approach to blockchain gaming tech invention. Its futuristic existence has identified and conquers a key problem in blockchain game development: the limitation of a sole blockchain. Meta0 however will not be restricted to specific blockchains but rather seek to combine multiple ecosystems and cryptocurrencies in a single platform. He envisions a revolutionary blockchain technology that allows interplay between blockchains and shatters the current constraints.

Fung knew early on that blockchain gaming is where the money and future are at. His team has come out with an adaptable gaming framework that will help game development achieve blockchain synergy flexibly. Web3 tech invention, the rise of NFTs and blockchain gaming are all promising fields in the crypto industry. Alas, no key players have emerged who are willing to invest in or construct a game that revolves around such a game-changing solution in the blockchain gaming sector. Fung, his team and Meta0 might just be the forerunner we need to shatter the boundaries of the crypto gaming frontier as we know it.

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