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A DEX aggregator highlights coins that could become popular in the near future.

Since its inception in 2018, KyberSwap has become a trailblazer in the crypto sector and etched its place among DEX aggregators who are headlining the development of revolutionary tech. Their latest project could potentially raise the stakes in the industry and sidestep the volatility of the crypto trading market by leaps and bounds. They’ve come up with a radical mechanism that will analyse a number of factors to help crypto users ascertain which cryptocurrencies will be going on the trends soon.

Predicting Cryptocurrencies Just Became Easier Than Ever

Debuted on their platform earlier this year and known by the name “Discover”, it is KyberSwap’s hallmark feature will aid crypto trading. By assisting users in tracking which tokens are about to climb the trendlines or are already rocketing, it is expected to make a big impact. This project is on brand with KyberSwap’s long-running vision to forge transcendental tech solutions for improving ease of use, speed, security, profitability and accessibility towards decentralized finance (DeFi). It was created to help crypto users in forecasting and identifying which among the thousands of tokens one should be putting their investments on.

The platform’s website highlights this mechanism in two sections: one for tokens that are currently on trends, and another for those about to go on the trends next. For this purpose they have shaped their algorithms based on compiled information that holistically researches all crypto market-related data available to date. Though it cannot be banked on as rock-solid guidance, it can be combined with educative tools and up-to-date knowledge of the crypto industry. Such an all-encompassing outlook could become a powerful instrument in the hands of the veteran crypto user looking for lucrativeness. KyberSwap is quite possibly the pioneer to come out with such a dynamic feature that foresees and scopes out tokens before they blow up online.

The DEX-specializing innovative technology utilized by the protocol is perhaps exactly the shot of revitalization that the crypto industry needs right now. It has become a symbol of hope and positivity in the midst of an industry impacted from all side by growing pressures. The unpredictable and fluctuating market environment, escalating inflation worldwide and global sanctions imposed during the Russia-Ukraine war are all exacting a toll on cryptocurrency’s halcyon days. This move brings much-needed relief to crypto users everywhere during the insecure times of the present and makes them look forward to its future once again.

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