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A group of 200 “Sleeping Bitcoins” worth $4.27 million from 2010 were moved on Friday.

The price of bitcoin has been able to hold up above the range of $21K for each unit. In 2010, there were four block rewards mined for bitcoin. These have now been used for the first time in at least eleven years. These block rewards were found to have been mined between the months of September 2010 and October 2010.

This resulted in around two hundred bitcoin, which are worth around $4.27 million. These were transferred to a wallet that is unknown.

Four Block Rewards Used On June 24th

A great number of bitcoins that were sleeping, have now had to wake up. This is as four block rewards were used. This was at the block height, which is 742,183. The coins that were spent last Friday were mined in the dates of 15th, 16th and 26th of September 2010. Another date were bitcoin mining also happened was the 29th of October of the same year.

During that time, miners of bitcoin found around 50 BTC every time they found a block. Nowadays, miners receive around 6.25 BTC with every block they find. The block rewards that were moved can be traced back to four addresses. With the help of Blockchain explorers, it’s been found that all 200 of the bitcoins were sent to one address. This suggests that it was likely a single entity who owner led these block rewards. The time the bitcoin was mined in also shows that it was likely one person who did the mining.

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