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A-Nation’s Tokenized Film Production Services Attend Quantum Miami 2023.


A-Nation plans to use blockchain technology to usher in a new era of decentralized filmmaking. Blockchain Lead Developer Kade Vu and Producer/Writer/Director Chuck Russell, who have over 25 years of film industry experience and over $2 billion in international box office receipts, formed the company. The company’s mission is to open up the world of filmmaking to a broader audience and to promote the full expression of filmmakers’ creativity and individuality.

A-Nation was present during the Quantum Miami 2023 summit.

The Top Services provided by A-Nation are below


Regarding token economics, the buy cost of A-Nation is 9%, and the selling fee is 15%. A percentage of these earnings are retained as project fees and put toward things like movie making, token liquidity, marketing, and discounts for token holders.

Token Liquidity

As part of its commitment to its token holders, A-Nation sets aside a portion of the project fees to ensure token liquidity.


Token holders are rewarded with rebates on a sizable chunk of the project’s fees as an incentive to keep their ANATION tokens in circulation. As a result, investors are pushed toward a more patient strategy and away from high-frequency swing trading.

Film Production

A-Nation aims to produce films and TV shows for an international audience. The company’s mission is to use the expanding global crypto ecosystem to give voice to those who have never had it before in the filmmaking process.

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