Sunday, June 23, 2024

A New Gamefi Track Craze Is Launched by the APP Chain Game MosaicFantasy.

The P2E or Play to Earn concept took off in 2021 and opened up new opportunities the gamefi sector. Due to market turmoil and the takeover by the bears, many activities in the on-chain game have begun to decline. The short cycle nature of gamefi has started to plummet. This activity has led to a restructuring in many of the top Web3 game projects.

That said, building is another activity which is experiencing tremendous growth. Of these, MosaicFantasy is one of those – an APP game. The goal of this game is to attract users of Web2 technology at low prices. It offers an unbeatable combination of playability and the P2E model so that many more users can be drawn into the Web3 world.

What is MosaicFantasy?

It is 3A level, decentralized game which requires the use of strategy to play a light card game on an APP. Embedded with an interfaced wallet, users can use Google Play or the App store to get players from different spectrums. They can get them to Web3 from the previous version as well. Rich game playability is combined with the P2E model of economics. Players can choose PVE or PVP for the game’s first phase> The second phase offers a battlefield and other features.

The game’s mosaic has 5 key attributes – Dark, Dawn, Flame, Hurricane and Ocean. Different attributes will be used to restrain the other. The rules and play methods can be found on the website. There is an arena in which rankings and rewards are set up and handed out on a 48-hour basis. The top 500 people get a share (10%) of the arena pool prizes. Tournaments are expected to take place after the launch.

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