Wednesday, May 29, 2024

A showcase of the Otherside Metaverse begins with 4,500 participants.

At least 4500 people were present in the first trip, which was a tech demo based on the Otherside. This is a project in the metaverse that is being launched by Yuga Labs. They are known for their BAYC token. This first trip was highly anticipated and took place on Saturday.

The first trip was attended by people who had the Otherdeed token, also referred to as Voyagers. They have already taken land plots that are tokenized within the virtual world of the Otherside. This first trip was also seen as a great success, with many community members going on Twitter to share their enthusiasm.

The Otherside’s First Trip

The Voyagers first started their trip in a virtual lobby that was blank. They did this using their Voyager avatars. Then, they had to follow a Bored Ape into a portal that looked really colorful. This portal is what led into the Otherside.

After crossing through the portal, the Voyagers arrived in a place known as the Biogenic Swamp. From there, they had to go to a stadium that was located centrally. From there, they could see the dynamics that their avatars engaged in, ranging from dancing to running, as well as with emojis.

Voyagers could also explore certain other areas, and they could interact with their virtual environment as well. There were also giant creatures in the environment, that could attack the Voyagers should they get too close.

After this first trip, Yuga Labs ended up released a litepaper. This paper gave a brief idea regarding what the principles behind the Otherside were, as well as what was planned going forward.

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