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To increase its impact on the derivatives market, a trading platform has announced a global trading competition

Although a handful of investors acquired substantial earnings through cryptocurrency assets, the majority of them lose money. Losses happen for many reasons. Lack of information for traders and not enough time to monitor markets are some of these reasons. To address this gap, some traders use copy trading. Beginners use this strategy thinking that by copying others, they don’t have to study the crypto market. Intermediate and advanced traders spend little time studying charts because these platforms are simplistic.

Bitget seized this opportunity

Bitget is a trading platform. In fact, it is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency derivatives trade platform. It supports spot trading and futures. In the last three years, Bitget launched three new products- One-Click Copy Trade, Quanto Swap Contract, and USDT Margin Contract. Using these products, the platform endeavors to offer customers worldwide a fair, free, and ultimate trading experience. They are committed to their mission of “ Better trading, better life.”

Bitget sprung its roots in Singapore. The company experienced stellar growth with expansion into Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, India, and a few European countries.

The Competition

The Bitget team announced the first worldwide trading challenge called the King’s Cup Global Invitational. It is a special opportunity for traders to demonstrate their abilities.

It is an individual competition and a group challenge as well. The total prize amount is 100 Bitcoin (BTC. The aim of this global competition is to encourage both new and regular users. Bitget will hold extra events such as Airdrop for All, Early Bird Benefits, City Assembly, and Lucky Lottery. The total prize pool from all these events adds up to 5 million BGB.

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