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ICO and STO Fundraising Activities Accelerator CentrumCoin Exhibited at the AIBC Summit

The online ecosystem amalgamating with the conventional business world with the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, and intends to make all the investments transparent, democratic, and secure, CentrumCoin, recently showed up at the AIBC Summit.

CentrumCoin is one of the first platforms dedicated to providing the coin investors of ICO and STO with 2% returns and accelerating all the activities involved with fundraising for startups to a duration of 3-6 months which is notably shorter than a typical process through an Initial Public Offering or a venture capital.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the CentrumCoin system extends support to disorderly crypto, blockchain, and tokenizable projects. However, it has been mentioned on the official website of CentrumCoin that each of the projects is required to get through selection stages and allure investments for overall development.

Discussing the basic idea for which the platform was constructed, it was to contribute to the construction of a platform for STO and crowdfunding activities for startups. Well, we should lay an emphasis on the fact that CentrumCoin is backed by Inn4Science, and it is a European software development company with its headquarters based in the United States of America and Ukraine.

CentrumCoin Specializations and Other Details

The major specialization of the team behind CentrumCoin is the creation of decentralized applications and platforms based on blockchain technology. With a vision of altering your old machine with a new one, CentrumCoin is aimed at streamlining and optimizing processes for businesses and startups.

Moreover, the company is aligned towards delivering top-notch products to their clients and the team behind the company shares a belief that the best solutions are created in mutual cooperation.

Furthermore, the specialists of the team are dedicated to learning new technologies and methods and they conduct useful courses to upgrade the skills of their developers and find emerging talents.

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