Tuesday, February 27, 2024

According to the CEO of PolySwarm, interest in blockchain and cybersecurity is growing.

PolySwarm has occupied a prominent position in the field of software and security that safeguards the online experience of millions of users. They have been at the forefront of digital security and constantly innovate superior solutions that adapt to evolving times. The changing technologies of today bring with them a slew of new and untraceable threats that evade even the finest malware-solutions we have. This is exactly the gap in cybersecurity that PolySwarm has dedicated its career to addressing.

PolySwarm’s top boss Steve Bassi spoke in an interview about the future of blockchain with relation to cybersecurity. He said that the mainstream penetration of blockchain tech has been proliferating in the last couple of years. But there are still many few projects that offer a rendezvous between cybersecurity and blockchain. Cybersecurity firms are still hesitant to develop software by partnering with the blockchain sector. In a move of ultra-innovation, PolySwarm has done what its predecessors have not. They are developing digital security software that makes use of blockchain technologies to strengthen existing security.

His company plans to do this by giving a reward to its users in return for them consensually sharing some data related to the usage of the malware program. According to Bassi, this information about the antivirus-based framework will go a long way in bolstering the tech that powers security. He even that that cyber security firms who are in the market now are already acquiring this information, they are just not recompensing the users for it. But PolySwarm plans to do things different as it gears up pen a new chapter in the history of blockchain-backed cyber security.

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