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According to the creators of South Park, Bitcoin is the way of the future

Featuring in mainstream media is a marker and indication of social adoption for any phenomenon. When Bitcoin was depicted as a payment method in the near future in the popular TV show South Park, it immediately gained a lot of attention. According to top experts, the fact that Bitcoin is now a part of everyday discussion and popular media shows that global bitcoin adoption rates are at an all-time high.

Bitcoin featured in the POST COVID episode of South Park in the 24th season. In the episode, one of the show’s main characters is shown paying for his stay at a motel with Bitcoin. While making the payment, he also says that he no longer trusts centralized banks and prefers to use Bitcoin for most things. The episode also gave a fictional picture of what the world will be like 40 years from now. The motel accepts payments in only Bitcoin and altcoins, and the world seems to have stopped using cash completely.

While there is no doubt that the depiction is entirely fictional and it is impossible to predict the future, the very mention of Bitcoin in popular media is a sign of its growth. For many years, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency were the exclusive domain of financial and computer experts. With time, it has entered the mainstream and now people from all regions and classes invest in crypto. Many believe that Bitcoin is the future of money, and with the way things are going, it might well be so.

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