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According to Voyager CEO, crypto enterprises would be rewarded in the long run.

The CEO of Voyager, Stephen Ehrlich feel very optimistic about the way crypto businesses will be performing in the long run. Anyone who invests in or knows about cryptocurrency knows that it is a really volatile asset. But the same time, seasoned experts believe that instead of treating the staggering fluctuations in its value with alarm, people should consider it as an opportunity. The skill of running or investing in bitcoins will reap big rewards in the future, they think. Stephen strongly seconds this idea. He does agree with the downsides of running trade with something so dynamic, but he also speaks for patience. He says that patience is the key to winning in the crypto industry.

Why does Stephen think so?

There is a ton of evidence and proof to substantiate his claim. For example, venture capitalists and angel investors have stood by crypto businesses and pumped millions and billions of dollars into them. If this was not prospective, the crypto industry would not have been the one to lead among the series of industries that have received maximum venture funding

He opines that since bitcoins have given better returns than other high-profit assets like NASDAQ and S&P 500. So it is safe to say that it is the best time to be in the crypto industry. Voyager has had the best spike in profits in the recent quarter too. Stephen thinks that one reason he can rely on crypto being a long-term thing is that companies have started offering bitcoin shares to employees.

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