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Adele, but it’s Crypto, as Presented by Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister

There is a slew of well-known figures flocking to the burgeoning crypto business. As far as the eye can see, there are shills! Former CIA assassin Matt Damon, former NSA spy turned NSA whistleblower turned NFT peddler Edward Snowden, director of many fine films Spike Lee, and, sadly, Larry David for some particularly good reason, are among the slain.

Randi Zuckerberg can now be added to the mix. She isn’t a celebrity in the traditional sense, but she is the sister of a well-known man (Mark) who has decided to enter the fray with a wacky Adele-inspired De-Fi-themed video.

According to a recently published report, Zuckerberg, who previously worked in Facebook’s marketing division, is presently working as the exchange Okcoin’s debut “brand advisory council member,” in which she is mandated with encouraging more females into the crypto sector.

She also operates Hug, a decentralized social network, and is the CEO of Zuckerberg Media, a marketing agency.

Her crypto enticement campaign reportedly includes the release of a spoof video in which she sings the Hello song while dissecting DeFi notions.

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Zuckerberg isn’t an awful vocalist, in fact. However, the lyrics are approximately what you’d anticipate:

“Hello, it’s me

Would you like to learn exchanging cryptocurrency?

We’ll go over everything

Cause you’ve got coins from different blockchains and want to do some trading

Hello, can you hear me?”

Web3 is rumored to be about to completely change the internet as well as usher in a new blockchain-based period of utopia as well as total independence.

At least, that’s what the fuck-ton of advertising cash that crypto companies are always pouring at the fence in the hopes of persuading the rest of us to get in leads you to assume. Folks, resisting is hopeless. Now is the time to invest in Okcoin!

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