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Adshares was in Attendance at Astonishing Crypto Expo Dubai

In recent years, the world of cryptocurrencies has been splintered into several diverse universes, each with its own relevance. Adshares thrives t bring a change in the ecosystem with all new ad tech blockchain. As a result, Adshares is the first metaverse-ready, future-proof, scalable advertising exchange protocol.

Adshares is not only putting together an ad network but also an ad server. For all future programmatic advertising – online and Metaverse – they’ve constructed a Mycelium. Every ad that will ever come through the system will be held in one protocol and chain. Its speed is going to be a commendable change in the upcoming future.

It has Ad settlements that are ultra-fast, secure, direct, and real-time. One of the most important protocols of Adshares is that it employs blockchain technology to connect advertisers and publishers in real-time, allowing them to settle ad transactions. It works on blockchain explicitly designed for the advertising technology business.

Adshares have been witnessed in one of the grandest events of the crypto industry called Crypto Expo Dubai.

How do Adshares work?

There are many things to mention about this site, but first thing’s first. The experts at Adshares have created a whole new blockchain. Light, quick, and safe. Capable of settling 1.4 million transactions per second (exactly, 1.4 million TPS, against 4 TPS for Bitcoin, 13 TPS for Ethereum, 65 kTPS for Visa, and 60 kTPS for Solana).

Well! If you are interested to know more about it, check their website.

Adshares is the most advanced blockchain-based advertising project available. As per the details mentioned on the website, it connects publishers and advertisers using its proprietary blockchain, allowing them to transact directly.

They have a token called ADS. Through this fully exchangeable ADS coin, everyone can become a part of this decentralized ecosystem. A system in which anyone with access to a related location can passively make money, with payments sent every hour. Furthermore, everyone who owns it determines what operates and what doesn’t. Everything’s in their control.

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