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Africa’s Low Crypto and Blockchain Adoption Driven Me to Write a Book.


The Crypto world has been growing steadily but has not seen major adoption in the continent of Africa. With the world in support of blockchain and its transparent policies more and more people have started supporting it.

But Africa has been slow in adopting this novel tech and Gurvy Kavei blames it on the lack of information amongst the public. For anything new, the public needs to be addressed for its uses and how to avoid being scammed in it.

With Africa having a notorious reputation for scammers, it would be hard to win the people’s trust. This means that the policymakers and crypto enthusiasts themselves will have to make efforts to reach the masses.

This is why Gurvy Kavei has released a book that addresses most of the questions related to crypto. He feels it is his duty to tell the people of Africa about the wonders of crypto and how it can aid the people there.

He goes over regulatory practices, fintech and the geographical footprints of the world of crypto and how it will be a great foundation for a digital economy. The book will be handy for both the policymakers and the general public.

He also says the number of crypto enthusiasts in Namibia and Africa is growing steadily. With a large number of young entrepreneurs, it is necessary to take steps to ensure that the future of the country has the basic knowledge of the new tech. With unemployment at an all-time high, crypto can be the source of income for many in the future.

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