Tuesday, November 28, 2023

AIBC 2022 Features Prasaga- A Single Layer Blockchain

The AIBC summit of 2022 held between March 20 and March 23 in Dubai is focusing on the attempt to globally connect emerging tech markets all across Asia. Well, the way this generation looks at technology and its ability to change the world is the key objective of this summit. 

The expo is looking forward to bringing together a curated panel of top brands, investors, businessmen, and people with ideas for new projects. It should be noted that keynotes of the conference by the specialists and best creative minds in the industry range from cryptocurrency regulation to AI. 

The AIBC 2022 expo is the perfect place for networking and deal-making opportunities.

Prasaga: First Global Operating System Running on a Single Layer Blockchain

Prasaga has introduced the first global operating system enabling smart assets. They have invented the DataGrid Blockchain, a coin project that includes developers, miners, and token holders. 

This blockchain is neutralized by an extensible Blockchain Object Model known as XBOM. This ledger enables the coding, execution, and settlement to directly run on the blockchain. 

This results in Smart Contracts which in return provide increased speed of development, higher quality, and an ideal development structure for the future generation.

The advantage that a Prasaga user gets is that it provides the highest resistance against any attacks. As resources keep getting added to the network it provides the maximum possible speed thereby showing a scaling in the throughput.  

Apart from speed Prasaga is easy to use for the owner. They store code and smart assets directly in accounts so that it has global re-use. Language stands as no barrier since developers can code in any language which helps in maintaining faster developments of applications.

The stability of the monetary policies at Prasaga also helps in maintaining the currency without fixing the rates with the outside economies.

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