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AIBC Europe Summit 2022:We Must Continue to be Committed to Crypto Sector, says Crypto Megan.

One of the most significant international gathering places for professionals in all fields of new technology is the AIBC World Summit. The summit, which covers issues in AI, Quantum Tech, DeFi, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Smart Cities, and the IoT, is the premier crypto event in the world. 

The AIBC Summit also brings together the most well-known experts and decision-makers in the domains of innovation, technological foresight, and proactive entrepreneurship. However, it is also a conference that views these issues through the lenses of advancing democracy and civil society.

Unsurprisingly, the current unrest in the crypto/blockchain industry received a lot of attention among the many subjects discussed at the AIBC Europe Summit. High-end influencer and cryptocurrency and NFT consultant Crypto Megan gave a keynote speech where she discussed the current state of the crypto industry and how it would continue to thrive despite the FTX debacle and the prevailing bear market.

Megan began her presentation with a strong case, tying Crypto as an innovative technology to the creation of the WWW, given the skepticism that is currently roiling the Crypto Space. “To claim that Crypto has potential is equivalent to stating that the web is just useful for porn in the 1990s. The internet has now impacted every facet of modern life. Crypto will as well.

Bear markets are not a signal that x is no longer viable or a cause for dejection. They are an inherent component of every market cycle. The underlying principles and architecture of Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies have always depended heavily on the mindset of long-term investment. With an open mind, the current bear market may be the ideal investment opportunity. Additionally, investors will be able to get ready for the subsequent bull market. “Investing is very similar to chess. making decisions that later prove to be significant and game-changing. keeping a step ahead of the curve.

Megan made a comment about how FTX is not completely to blame for the losses incurred by investors when she thought back to the current FTX debacle. People place too much trust in so-called “thought leaders” and their reputations, when the algorithm should be the one doing the talking. The spread of the notion that the major Crypto brands are impervious to bankruptcy and failure is indicated by education in the field.

The fact that the main cryptocurrency exchanges are not backed by fiat is also a cause for concern. The floodgates are certain to open, bringing in trillions of dollars in smart money investments, if stable currencies are regulated 1:1 to the dollar. “Once more, the secret is patience. In any case, impatient money has always found its way into patient money.

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