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AIBC Summit 2021 Introduces You to Scorechain for Managing Your Crypto Assets

AIBC Summit 2021 Introduces You to Scorechain for Managing Your Crypto Assets

Because it is at the forefront of research and development and is home to the SiGMA Group, the European continent benefits from both a forward-thinking culture and a drive for a tech-friendly future.

AIBC Europe intends to be a cornerstone in the region’s technological development by bringing together global technology experts, regulators, investors, and entrepreneurs to discuss, share ideas, build collaborations, and set the framework for the industry of the future.

And this year, Scorechain was present at the AIBC Summit to make your tax easy. Scorechain Analytics keeps track of crypto assets and assists you in developing a disciplined and consistent approach to risk identification, assessment, and management.

Due to high-level features, crypto-native enterprises and traditional financial institutions use Scorechain’s crypto-monitoring solution to develop a proper plan and satisfy crypto-AML regulations.

Scorechain Keeps A Track on all your Risk Indicators

They offer risk scores at the address, transaction, and entity level, as well as for both incoming and existing funds, to assist users in determining the level of AML risk. The risk indicators can be customized to fit corporate operations as well as regulatory needs in specific locations.

Reports have proven to be a valuable tool for archiving data and sharing precise information about an address or a transaction. This provides you with useful data on activity, risk, and arriving and departing monies.

You can create a Know-Your-Address or Know-Your-Transaction report automatically to comply with suspicious activity/suspect transactions reporting. If a consumer has a suspicious activity case, the reports can be shared with authorities.

Even though you can’t control what happens 24 hours a day, you must be informed when something happens in your company. The API allows us to automate the implementation and triggering of their notifications.

Customers can set their own parameters and receive real-time notifications when suspicious activity occurs.



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