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AIBC Summit 2021 Welcomes Kinanis Law Firm To Make Tax Easy For You

In this rapidly changing and evolving tech world, individuals and organizations are thinking of new ways to raise awareness regarding innovations in the industry and connect like-minded people and institutes.

AIBC summit is one of the major events in the industry where people and organizations come together and discuss the ever-expanding life of technology. The summit comprises exhibitions, hubs for businesses and founders, and interactive workshops and conferences.

Making a big splash this year, Kinanis Law Firm gained momentum by being an active part of the event.

Kinanis Law firm focuses on providing top-notch Blockchain consultation, tax policies, accounting needs, and legal requirements of individuals and organizations among many other services.

Established in 1983, Kinanis LLC is an established name among the law services providing firms. People at Kinanis recognize themselves as ‘Traditional Pioneers’, excelling in envisaging problems that can impact their clients or their businesses and preparing for any scenario, good and bad.

Blockchain Solutions At Your Fingertips With Kinanis Law Firm

The firm has had its operations running since 1983 offering legal and consulting in Cyprus.

Evolved from a traditional firm into an innovative and modern law firm handling multiple aspects of law and in numerous sectors ranging from anti-money laundering to blockchain consultations and helping the clients with data protection and privacy, the company has come a long way and shown tremendous growth.

Equipped with experienced professionals of decades, this law firm promises to help its clients by providing them with a diverse bunch of professionals who collaborate and present the best of ideas and solutions.

The organization comprises about 70 ambitious young professionals, the team consists of lawyers, administrators, and accountants who give expeditious, productive, and excellent administrations and who are equipped for meeting the current requesting difficulties of the domestic and worldwide business climate.

The judicial side of the tech world is new and confusing and it’s difficult to navigate it. Kinanis Law Firm promises to provide the best solutions for individuals and organizations.

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