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AIBC Summit 2022 Brings Entertainment To Blockchain With Wakatta

AIBC Summit 2022 speakers include digital world pioneers, thought leaders, and industry titans whose work has helped their companies realize their full potential in areas like Blockchain and AI, and in the process, have become global economic mainstays.

Through the forum provided by the summit, these influential figures discuss, deliberate, and set the stage for the upcoming Industrial Revolution 4.0. And Wakatta merges blockchain with entertainment at the AIBC Summit this year.

Blockchain Made Better With Wakatta

Wakatta’s Substrate-based blockchain enables entertainment companies to meet the demands of a decentralized future. Reduce the risks associated with centralized institutions while also empowering your people – without the headaches. And the solution and services they provide is everything one can ask for.

Non-fungible tokens are a good approach to boosting the value of your virtual economy. Using their protocol, your project and users can produce NFTs in only a few clicks. NFTs generated by Wakatta is inexpensive, quick, and compliant with the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards.

With NFTs that can change over time or have time-based settings, you can explore the endless possibilities of the digital landscape.

These next-generation NFT elements can create unique differentiation for your business, from artist collaborations to modern art pieces to event tickets.

The Wakatta blockchain enables decentralized NFT trade, removing middlemen and their costs from the equation. NFTs created on the Wakatta blockchain can be auctioned directly on the blockchain, ensuring a more transparent bidding procedure.

They understand the power of user incentives, from onboarding to marketing-specific goals.

Their network allows you to create a structure that meets your product’s needs. WKT expenditures can be subsidized in part or whole to provide discounts or zero-fee environments.

With multi-role settings, managing decentralized applications is easier than ever. Create and assign different responsibilities for your DApp with Wakatta without having to overwrite smart contracts or write a single line of code.

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