Sunday, December 10, 2023

AIBC Summit 2022 Introduces DLTify For All Your Blockchain Related Problems

We can’t think of a better place for the lucky attendees to catch a glimpse of the world than the United Arab Emirates, which prioritizes cutting-edge technology through both financing possibilities and tax breaks.

They might be a part of this brilliant new future because the expo brings together entrepreneurs and investors. And this is why the AIBC Summit 2022 couldn’t get a better location than the UAE. This year DLTify was there to make it even more glorious.

If You Are Thinking Blockchain-Think DLTify

DLTify focuses on resolving blockchain-related issues through the development of unique technologies that can handle these issues. If you’re having problems with any of the above topics, or anything else related to DLT, we can assist you in developing the technology to solve them.

At DLTify, they believe that cryptocurrency is in the early stages of becoming more than just a new asset class, but also a new social structure. They say that it would be arrogant of them to think that they know how the sector would eventually shape up.

To put it another way, they keep their ear to the ground while always inventing and attempting new ideas.

They actively participate in open source projects and have constructed their business model to be antifragile, which means that they gain from randomness and new solutions rather than being harmed by them.

DLTify has been in the blockchain industry for nearly five years. Their first major endeavor was to establish a centralized Cryptaldash exchange. They’ve also done some preliminary research on the economic development and implementation of CBDCs.

They recently built and maintained the CRD Network’s DeFi area, as well as its app suite. In addition, they’ve partnered with an Asian eCommerce and online retail company to provide blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency sourcing for compliance.

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