Tuesday, November 28, 2023

AIBC Summit 2022 Presents The First Blockchain Financial Institution in Europe- Benker

AIBC Summit 2022 delegates gain a foothold in the community that is leading the charge in new technology adoption by attending the summits. Attendees had numerous opportunities to exhibit, promote, and network at our events, in addition to becoming a member of the future collective.

Exhibitors had the opportunity to showcase their achievements, services, and products to a large group of C-suite executives, decision-makers, and investors. And now because of AIBC Summit 2022, you know about the first blockchain financial institution in Europe- Benker.

BENKER Will Introduce Blockchain To The Market Of Financial Services

Over the last decade, the financial industry has seen dramatic technological changes, so it is safe to say that the only constant in the market is changing. Benker’s team is confident that the next chapter of these changes will be written with a new level of trust provided by the blockchain.

BENKER will be the first in Europe to introduce a purpose-built hybrid blockchain to the financial services industry, raising the bar for financial platforms by increasing user autonomy, control, security, and privacy, ensuring the financial sector’s long-term viability.

Blockchain, according to BENKER, is the way by which the most fundamental challenges in the financial services business will be addressed: user trust, transparency, privacy, and eventually, putting consumers in command of their finances.

The market requires a completely different approach that challenges the status quo. This should re-establish the client-financial institution relationship as a partnership of equals, and blockchain is the vehicle for doing so.

BENKER’s CEO, Viktor Bodnár, expects that the new bank would be a catalyst for significant change in personal finance, giving customers more control.

He described his perspective on the market’s future as follows:

“We’re introducing a new brand in financial services that can challenge the established order by extending existing legal and regulatory safeguards with the advanced technology-based guarantees achieved through blockchain. In obtaining our EMI license we have been allowed to radically diminish client exposure to the actors of financial markets, and I see this as a move towards the ‘New World Order’.”

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