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NAX partners with SkyBridge to Provide Algorand-based Services


According to online sources, SkyBridge Capital and NAX have reportedly announced a joint partnership to provide a variety of Algorand-based services, opportunities for institutional investment and digital applications. With this move, they are planning to promote the adoption of Algorand across the Middle East and North America.

Notably, SkyBridge Capital became the Fund of Hedge Funds and the ’40 Act Fund which allocated capital to Bitcoin in November 2020. The company is spearheading the blockchain and digital assets industry to date. With this strategic partnership with NAX, a dedicated fund will be created between NAX, SkyBridge, and Algorand, along with an inventive initiative which will be called UNLOX.

The core infrastructure of UNLOX will be responsible for raising capital, launching at-scale DeFi ventures, and creating a platform where institutions can provide security to their assets on the blockchain. These assets would include traditional financial services like corporate securities, real property, and venture capital. Besides this, it will also include NFTs, art, and many other rare assets. The Algorand protocol will be used for this platform, while SkyBridge Capital will provide the institutional infrastructure. Meanwhile, the commercial infrastructure will be provided by NAX.

Algorand is built for the purpose of powering the future of finance through FutureFi, which is formed by the convergence of decentralized and traditional models. The FutureFi will be a unified system that will be frictionless, reliable, secure, and inclusive. The Algorand protocol will enable decentralized finance (DeFi) organizations to use the values and core principles of decentralized tech for creating and defining new economic exchange models.

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