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Wyre to Introduce Simple Payment Solution Integrations across Algorand Ecosystem


According to online sources, the premier fiat-to-crypto payment platform, Wyre, has reportedly announced that it will introduce simple payment solution integrations across the Algorand ecosystem for many projects. Algorand’s partnership with Wyre will allow its developers to easily deploy any of Wyre’s simple and robust APIs. This would allow many projects on the Algorand ecosystem to integrate payment solutions within a few hours. Earlier, it used to take months to do the same. The projects could range from tokenized marketplaces to decentralized financial applications.

Starting from October 2021, the Algorand developers would have access to Wyre’s Card Processing and Checkout Application Programming Interface (APIs). With this, the end-users would have the opportunity to make transactions in currencies supported by Algorand, besides Swap API and Savings API. The Algorand-supported currencies consist of ALGO coin, USDC, and USDT. While Swap APIs allow users to swap Aglorand’s native currency with other currencies, the Savings API will offer the users an opportunity to earn a yield on their digital assets on Algorand.

In addition to this, Wyre will also ensure the availability of Algorand assets across all Checkout APIs deployments in the current scenario and in the future as well. This would allow all users in any ecosystem to purchase Algorand assets easily with the help of a debit card. This move aims to expose the Algorand assets to more users.

In a recent interview, the CEO of Wyre, Ioannis Giannaros, said that the company is looking to its partnership with Algorand. He further said that it will provide Algorand with all the resources they need to expand the ecosystem even further.

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