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Alien Worlds Introduces In-Game DAOs Under Planetary Syndicates Model.


Alien Worlds, a play-and-earn NFT game, has launched in-game DAOs under a new Planetary Syndicates model.

Saro McKenna, Alien Worlds co-founder, said after more than two years of development and scaling, the in-game DAOs are ready to run by players. She shared that it’s critical to gameplay as each planet is ultimately competing for supremacy. It’s also critical for Alien Worlds’ mission to transform the way players are experiencing gaming, and ultimately giving them control of their own experience.

McKenna explained that the DAO structure uniquely allows players to become co-owners of their planet and the system they are part of. Alien Worlds’ DAO ecosystem will empower the community and anyone who adopts the DAO architecture. Through the DAO, players are able to govern their own Alien Worlds communities, manage and allocate the digital assets within their treasures, as well as collaborate and compete with each other to earn Trillium – the token of Alien Worlds.

Furthermore, McKenna believes that it’s the first time in history that DAOs have been put inside the game to compete against each other as teams and hold or create their own non-fungible tokens. Alien Worlds’ Syndicate members can earn the governance token by staking TLM. The in-game DAOs have been built on WAX because one can build good protocol-level which lend themselves to secure, powerful, scalable delegated democracy DAOs.

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