Thursday, May 23, 2024

All users now have access to Mirror’s blockchain blogging platform.

Mirror, Ethereum’s decentralized platform for blogging, is now open to the world after the initial system of access was only through vote-based contributions.

The Mirror blogging platform was launched in 2020. Access for contributors was granted based on votes in weekly competitions. Only ten bloggers were allowed per week. For this purpose, the platform used its native token – Write.

According to the recent announcement, the present system of restricted access is being done away with, and the platform will be open to anyone who has an Ethereum address and wallet. Usually, platforms sell advertising on the platform. However, on Mirror, the bloggers will have more control as the content is hosted on a decentralized blockchain. This is different from the usual practice of the content residing on dedicated servers.

Platform Features

Security of the content is cryptographically assured – obviating the possibility of unauthorized modification or corruption. The users also have the option of exiting the platform anytime with their content. In essence, Mirror is now a full-stack creative platform for users.

After connecting the Ethereum wallet, writers can start hosting their content as videos, iFrames, SM posts, NFTs, etc. Mirror also allows the import of content sourced from other content platforms such as Medium or Substack.

Content can be minted as ‘Entry Editions’. Writers can then use them to create NFTs and monetize later. Bloggers who earlier used the WRITE race will now be offered the additional incentive to stake. The platform’s native WRITE token has not yet been listed on any exchanges or websites. The announcement further informed that the Ethereum name service would be integrated and several new features provided such as improved editing interface, subscriptions, etc. However, this should not be mixed up with the decentralized finance protocol – Mirror Finance, which provides for the minting of synthetic assets using the MIR token ticker.

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