Monday, December 11, 2023

Alphabet is investigating the use of blockchain technology in its flagship services.

Recently, Sundar Pichai was sharing his views on Web3. Pichai is the CEO of Alphabet. During the interactions, he brought out that Alphabet, for its most popular products and services, is considering using blockchain technologies.

Elaborating further, he said that Alphabet saw multiple congruencies between Web3 and the products and services that Alphabet offers. Alphabet is also Google’s parent company. Pichai said that technologies like AR and blockchain have ready application in power computing and in the firm’s services such as YouTube and Google Maps.

Blockchain – Alphabet’s Plans

He added that Alphabet as a firm always supports and backs innovation. Google has been following the evolution of the Web and other open source technologies. This has helped Google to benefit from these evolving technologies and also to participate in their evolution.

Google’s cloud business is relatively new. The business now competes with more established players such as AWS and MS Azure. Pichai hopes that Google will be able to leverage blockchain technologies to meet customer needs in the cloud business.

It is not only Google that is taking an increased interest in Web3. Other tech firms based in the valley have taken a head start. Google is a relatively late entrant. Other valley-based firms such as Twitter, Meta, Block, etc have gone a long way down the road to adopting cryptocurrencies and Web3.

It is understood from press reports that Polygon(MATIC), together with Reddit, is well on its way to launching a gaming project worth $200 million on Web3.

Twitter, for its creator tipping service, already accepts cryptocurrencies. Meta had similar plans with Diem stablecoins. The project has, however, now been shelved. Pichai, however did not divulge Google’s plans with regard to cryptocurrencies.

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