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Ambrosus Core announced $10 million grant to scale its open-source blockchain ecosystem.

The latest announcement from Ambrosus Core is yet another testament to the whirlwind pervasion of blockchain technology in mainstream applications. Ambrosus Ecosystem’s technical foundation,

Ambrosus Core, made an announcement about the launch of a developer funding program.

What makes the announcement newsworthy is the amount of grant involved. Ambrosus Core has announced a $ 10 million grant.

This grant will be issued to developers that successfully deploy DeFi or Decentralized finance applications along with other decentralized solutions on Amborsus Ecosystem.

For the uninitiated, Ambrosus Ecosystem is a blockchain-powered network for handling even complex supply chain data and IoT data transactions, enabling increased transparency.

The Ecosystem can be integrated with an organization’s existing IT infrastructure, including IoT devices, for digitizing supply chain processes.

DeFi Deployment Expected to Increase Ambrosus’ User Base

The launch of a new staking platform led to Ambrosus DeFi experiencing a new high in its TVL (Total Value Locked) figures. Ambrosus’ TVL reached a massive figure of over 310 million AMB.

Ambrosus Core announced its grant initiative to meet the demands of a rapidly-evolving network.

The infrastructural enhancement expected from the grant initiative is also expected to amplify the technology platform’s user base.

Ambrosus’ blockchain protocol is Layer 1 EVM-compatible technology. The solution offers data security of zero-knowledge proof standards, scalability, and a unique built-in data storage capability feature.

Ambrosus Core is the foundation working toward transforming the Ecosystem into an unparalleled system for DeFi, blockchain storage, and crypto applications.

Ambrosus Core handles responsibilities including network upgrades and maintenance, incorporation of new DeFi features, and funding programs that enhance the Ecosystem.

It is toward this end to enhance the Ecosystem that Ambrosus Core has announced this major grant program.

Grant Process and Potential Eligible Recipients

Ambrosus Core is accepting applications from solution providers passionate about building NFTs, decentralized applications or dApps, and DAOs on the Ambrosus Ecosystem Network AMB-NET.

The grant is aimed at developers, entrepreneurs and contributors looking to create solutions that offer scalability. These solutions will power low-cost transactions on the robust and secure Ambrosus network.

The $10 million grant will be aimed at startups, open-source developers and educators.

In Conclusion

This substantial grant by Ambrosus Core, the development arm of the Ecosystem, is expected to enable the technology to evolve to newer heights for unparalleled applications.

That Ambrosus is the first network to be built as a decentralized network bearing efficient Proof of Authority, by Swizterland’s industry experts, is of significance.

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