Sunday, December 3, 2023

AMD, Meta, Amazon, and Ethereum are among the best stocks, cryptos, and ETFs

With new developments in the tech world happening, it is important to be on top of the latest news. Recently amazon, ETFs and Meta all announced new plans, and their stocks have been better than ever.

These are great investment opportunities for people looking to get good returns for their money and beat inflation too.


In 2021 itself, they had a 56% return rate and maxed out at 79% in November. They have been going steady since, but shareholders have lost more than they were willing to part with.

Meta Platforms Inc.

Formerly known as Facebook, Meta, is Mark Zuckerbeg’s venture into the AI-powered Virtual reality that will have crypto as the form of payment. In tandem with the DeFi movement , Meta is an alternate reality where you can do everything that you want to do. Not only that, you can do everyday things like meeting people and have work conferences there.

Ethereum (ETH)

Known as the Bitcoin killer, ETH has become a great alternative for BTC. Given its price, many people have been investing in the coin and have had great success with it. It is accepted in almost every place where you can find bitcoin and is also the number 1 way to get an NFT.


Amazon, on the other hand, has been doing a little worse than expected. The share prices are down but will not remain the same for long. They hit a 19-month low in October 2021 but are well on their way to recovery.

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