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Artificial Intelligence Platform for DCDD, AMLEXA, Was Present at the AIBC Summit

The automated remote customer due diligence platform, AMLEXA, is solely dedicated to providing services like Anti-money Laundering software for conducting online KYC, recently exhibited at the AIBC Summit.

Being the first of its kind in the industry, AMLEXA facilitates the procedure of Remote Identification, AML Risk Management, AML Verification, and AML Transaction Monitoring for the crypto industry, gaming section, and sectors involving financial deals.

Put together, AMLEXA can be considered a web anti-money laundering compliance software that has the potential to be altered without encountering any complications and is integrable with API into any system with minimized configurations, and consists of four core modules. They are, the AMLEXA AML Identification Module, AMLEXA AML Verification Module, AMLEXA AML Risk Assessment, and AMLEXA AML Transaction Monitoring.

Discussing the four core modules collaboratively, they collect the information related to the customer, followed by the authentication of the gathered information, identification and assessment of risks associated with AML, and concluding with monitoring the behavior of the customer.

Features and Characteristics Associated with AMLEXA

Talking about the other features and characteristics of AMLEXA, it offers seamless API integration along with fully automated AML procedures, instant customer due diligence, and complete AML Compliance linked with AML Certification.

Established back in the year 2014, AMLEXA has managed to emerge as one of the largest AML compliance consultancies in Malta.

In case AMLEXA encounters a suspicious activity or something slightly related to money laundering, the AML Back Office will further analyze the issue and will be reporting it to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) to determine the best course of action.

In addition to this, it should be noted that AMLEXA offers training programs so that people can learn more about the regulations associated with money laundering, the latest AML policies, and procedures. Clearly, there is no denying the fact that AML Training is a key element in the detection and intimidation of illegal activities.

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