Friday, June 21, 2024

An anonymous person delivers ETH from Tornado Cash to well-known individuals.

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous has sent many famous people ETH using Tornado Cash. Per the latest news reports, Tornado Cash has been sanctioned for carrying out illegal activities. The anonymous user seems to be trolling people by sending crypto so that they will be implicated as part of the sanctions process.

Some of the wallets of high-profile individuals receiving ETH include Brian Armstrong Coinbase CEO and Jimmy Fallon, a host on American TV. US companies and citizens are prohibited from using Tornado. The reason for the prohibition is that Tornado’s protocols prevent the origin and end point of transactions from being tracked.

It seems that the anonymous sender wanted to prove that it is a gag and originated from a Twitter post. The sender wanted to point out the absurdity of sanctioning users by sending funds from blacklisted wallets. Users cannot decline money sent to them because of the very nature of crypto. Crypto was designed to be open and cut out the middleman, thereby doing away with a so-called gatekeeper.

Since it is not possible to block transfers sent to an account on the chain, it will be up to exchanges to block such transactions. Even more difficult, it is not possible for businesses and high-profile individuals who have public wallets to block or decline transfers. It remains to be seen how such transactions will be handled in the future. Crypto platforms have another new issue to tackle along with bankruptcies and plummeting values.

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