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Andre Iguodala, a three-time NBA champion, is the latest player to be paid in cryptocurrency

In 2021, one of the biggest trends among athletes and other celebrities was to accept parts of the salaries in cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. Some went as far as accepting the entire salary amount in Bitcoin. One sporting club in Australia even started to keep its balance sheets in Bitcoin. Now we can see the continuation of the same trend in 2022, through NBA star Andre Iguodala. Iguodala is the first player in 2022 to make announcements about receiving his salary in cryptocurrency. He recently Tweeted saying that he will be taking a part of his $ 2 million + annual salary in Bitcoin. As a part of his efforts to popularize Bitcoin, he will also be giving away $1 million worth of Bitcoin to fans. Iguodala is a long-time proponent of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

To help Iguodala receive his salary in Bitcoin, Block’s Cash App has will be facilitating the transaction between Golden State Warriors and Andre Iguodala. In the past, all athletes receiving salaries in Bitcoin have partnered with some financial platform to make the conversion process easier. As it stands now, Iguodala is among the multiple NBA stars who receive their salary in Bitcoin.

There are arguments for and against receiving salaries in Bitcoin. At the same time, the practice has never been more popular among celebrities, athletes, and politicians. Apart from the monetary gains, it also sends a message to fans who want to get into the world of crypto but lack confidence.

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