Monday, December 11, 2023

Anthony Hopkins Sells Debut NFT Collection in Just Minutes.

Anthony Hopkins’ debut NFT collection The Eternal Collection got sold out in under 10 minutes. The Oscar award-winning actor’s NFT collection was created in partnership with Orange Comet Inc. It features 1000 original cinematic art pieces which has been inspired by Hopkins’ different performances. Orange Comet Inc highlighted that the collection’s sellout was the fastest in OpenSea’s history

The Eternal Collection’s body of work, as per its description on OpenSea, conceptualizes an interpretation of the vast character archetypes Hopkins has portrayed over his illustrious film career. The NFTs drew its potent energy from the actor’s stimulating body of art. The names – “The Jester”, “The Lover”, “The Ruler”, “The Rebel”, “The Giver” and “The Eternal” – represent the various archetypal characters Hopkins has played. Word is that 10 randomly assigned tokens in the collection will enable the NFT holders to have a Zoom call with the acclaimed actor.

The token holders can also receive the chance to rack up some real-world perks, including one-on-one brunch with Hopkins, autographed physical prints of the artwork and audio clips of the actor discussing the meanings behind the various archetypes. Hopkins, in a Twitter post, said entering the NFT space is like being on the moon. He revealed that he is in awe of the limitless dimensions of technology and art.

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