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Arbitrum, the Next-Gen Layer-2 for Ethereum dApps.

Founded by Offchain Labs, which comprises researchers, engineers, and Ethereum enthusiasts, Arbitrum is on a mission to contribute to the betterment of the blockchain.

Tap into the advanced generation layer-2 for Ethereum decentralized applications with Arbitrum, and make use of your favorite tools. The platform provides you with an opportunity to scale your decentralized application at the lowest cost.

Arbitrum is well-known for offering users the security reliance of Ethereum and further in this article, we will be discussing how Arbitrum carries this out.

The first step is to send your transaction to an aggregator, who has the same role to play as the node in Ethereum. The aggregator is responsible for making calls to EthBridge and facilitating the transaction results to the client.

Moving further in the process, all the transactions carried out on Arbitrum are then posted on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring that all the underlying data is available to users. The transaction is now considered final on Ethereum and can’t be re-reordered further.

Arbitrum Guarantees to Prevent Fraud

Even though the transaction data has already been posted on the Ethereum blockchain, it should be noted that the execution of the transaction is moved off-chain, giving the authority to the Arbitrum validators to process your batch and post an assertion.

After the posting of an assertion, a challenge window is opened that provides everyone an opportunity to challenge that assertion.

Due to the presence of a custom proof system for confirming fraud, other validators also check the assertion to determine whether it is fraud or not. Only one honest validator can ensure the correct execution.

The correct assertion is then confirmed and accepted by Ethereum. As long as anyone honest is validating, Arbitrum is guaranteed to prevent fraud.

Most recently, Arbitrum announced its partnership with Immunefi to launch a $1,000,000 bug bounty for Arbitrum One.

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