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Arizona Iced Tea takes first sip of NFT – releases NFT comic named “Arizona Aped”

Arizona Iced Tea, a very popular cold beverage brand, on 20th August, confirmed that they are entering the world of NFT too. With their “Arizona Aped” comic, this NFT was made in collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club.

In the business since 1992, Arizona Iced Tea has been a fan favorite amongst the people and have many products on their roster. It includes but is not limited to energy drinks, cocktails, and even tea mixes.

Their NFT is limited to 10.00 copies and the company also released a website for the comic name The 1st edition introduces all the cast and characters that we will see in the future too. This is a unique time as tech companies are changing and the introduction of NFTs shifts the focus on artists once again.

On the first page, we can see an Ape holding an Arizona Iced Tea can, which also has NFT written on it. We can also see a red Ape following a white Ape and the white one looking distressed. With many brands like Burger King, Slim Jim, and Axe also entering the NFT market this was a good move by the company.

Even other beverage brands like Budweiser are trying their hand at NFTs and have bought “beer”.eth” namespace. Even Visa has entered the world of NFT and purchased an NFT for $165,000 last week in ether. This is not merely a coincidence as NFTs will be a part of the “modern art going digital” revolution.

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